Stories of remarkable conversions
taking place around the globe
through power evangelism

In the last decade or two, the world has seen explosive growth in the ministry of “power evangelism.” This potent method of evangelization, which links the Word of God and the sharing of the Gospel with supernatural demonstrations of God’s love and power, has resulted in thousands of souls won to Christ. Stories from the Front Lines compiles forty true, dramatic accounts of the kinds of conversions that are taking place all over the world.

Comparing exciting contemporary narratives with eye-opening biblical and historical parallels, Jane Rumph shows how different facets of power evangelism are accelerating the growth of the Church worldwide—facets that include:


“I know of nothing else like Stories from the Front Lines to open your eyes to the wonders of the Holy Spirit in our day.”—from the Foreword by C. Peter Wagner

Stories from the Front Lines reads like the Book of Acts. Jane Rumph does an excellent and inspiring job in providing incredible testimonies of signs and wonders taking place globally as a result of Holy Spirit anointed power evangelism.”—Dick Eastman

“Jane Rumph is a master storyteller who weaves the truths of God into her writing. If you want to receive a touch from God, as well as be encouraged at what God is doing through supernatural events, this book is for you!”—Cindy Jacobs

What Readers Are Saying

“You kept me up last night. . . . Every time I finished a story I wanted to read ‘just one more.’”

“We’ve been using your book in our family devotions. We read aloud one story at a time and then talk about it. The teaching after each story gives us ideas for discussion.”

“I love this book!”

“Your book encourages me to continue to reach out to the lost and pray for all those who have never heard.”

“A powerful testimony to the working of the Holy Spirit.”


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Stories from the Front Lines: Power Evangelism in Today's World
by Jane Rumph
Xulon Press
272 pages
Trade Paper
6" x 9"
Retail $14.99
ISBN 1-931232-76-8

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