True stories of God performing miracles for His glory, all over the United States

Jesus performed signs and wonders that marked the coming of the Kingdom and the beginning of the Church. This inspiring book demonstrates that His miracles, which testify to the power of God, have continued into the present. Here the author recounts contemporary stories of signs and wonders that have touched the lives of ordinary people from all backgrounds and from every part of the United States. She has carefully verified the healings and miracles to guarantee for the reader that the events are authentic. These dramatic narratives provide encouragement that God is moving powerfully, even in this secular culture, to bring Himself glory and advance His Kingdom.

Learn how your response to contemporary signs and wonders can affect the coming revival. This book will build faith, challenge assumptions, expand vision, and prompt prayer. An excellent gift and conversation starter.


“Do you take Jesus literally when He said, ‘The works that I do, you will do also’? Jane Rumph does, and in this book she proves, through documented, heartwarming, real-life stories, that Jesus was not exaggerating!”—C. Peter Wagner, Wagner Leadership Institute

“Jane Rumph has chronicled healings and miracles from across the nation in her book, Signs and Wonders in America Today. Don’t miss the faith-producing excitement this book offers.”—Alice Smith, U.S. Prayer Center

“The Bible is full of accounts of God’s direct intervention in human lives and this volume treats us to contemporary accounts of such interventions. These documented cases offer much to encourage faith that God is still in the business of using his power to demonstrate his love.” —Dr. Charles Kraft, Fuller Theological Seminary

“The book is filled with testimonies of signs, wonders, miracles, manifestations, divine coincidences, dreams, visions, and angelic encounters. Read, rejoice, and enter into a new dimension of understanding who God is.” —Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, Global Harvest Ministries

What Readers Are Saying

“I’ve been crying my way through this book. . . . The stories really touch my heart.”

Signs and Wonders in America Today encourages us toward greater faith in a caring, relational God.”

“Very readable . . . inspiring . . . delightful!”

“These stories really build my faith. I am more excited than ever to pray and believe God can and will answer my prayers too.”

“You have to be the Number One chronicler of God’s healing and miracle power that we have. How anyone could read this and remain a skeptic I cannot imagine.”


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Signs and Wonders in America Today: Amazing Accounts of God’s Power
by Jane Rumph
Regal Books
Trade Paper
5 3/16" x 8"
196 pages
Retail $10.99
ISBN 08307-34910

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