Here are some suggested interview questions related to Jane’s book Signs and Wonders in America Today: Amazing Accounts of God’s Power.

    1. How would you define signs and wonders?
    2. How often are signs and wonders really taking place in American society today?
    3. Are certain groups or populations seeing more signs and wonders than other groups?
    4. Why does God sometimes demonstrate His supernatural power? What is the purpose?
    5. What helps determine whether God is going to intervene in a miraculous way in a given situation?
    6. Describe the role of prayer in the manifestation of signs and wonders.
    7. Describe the role of faith in the manifestation of signs and wonders.
    8. In your book you describe the importance of worldview. What is worldview, and how does it relate to both expecting and seeing miracles?
    9. The Bible says that Satan performs counterfeit miracles. How can we know when a supernatural event is of God?
    10. What’s one of the most interesting stories you uncovered in your research for this book?
    11. What about resurrection from the dead? Is God raising the dead in America today?
    12. You mention that many people believe signs and wonders will increase as we get closer to an end-time revival before the return of Jesus. Why should we expect to see more of God’s supernatural power active among us?
    13. Are there things the body of Christ can do to help or to hinder the move of the Holy Spirit in power here in the United States?


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