Here are some suggested interview questions related to Jane’s book Stories from the Front Lines: Power Evangelism in Today’s World.

    1. What is power evangelism and how does it differ from any other kinds of evangelism?
    2. You say, “Make no mistake, signs and wonders cannot save.” What is the purpose?
    3. Do you see a link between the communication of the gospel and the demonstration of its power?
    4. We know that Satan can also perform “signs and wonders.” Is there a danger in overemphasizing the miraculous? How can we know if God is truly behind a supernatural event?
    5. You say that the purpose of your book is to provide a careful record of a few dozen conversions occurring in conjunction with the supernatural. Why is this significant?
    6. Is there any connection between prayer and the supernatural? Why do you say, “Sometimes the prayers of believers prompt the release of God’s power”? What is the role of persistent intercession for unbelievers? How does faith build our effectiveness in prayer?
    7. What is the balance between our prayers for a person’s salvation and their own free will?
    8. You write, “A single supernatural healing can have broad ripple effects.” How so?
    9. You recite a story about a man named Dan Shaw. Can you describe his experience and how he was changed on the mission field?
    10. You document numerous accounts from all over the world of people whose lives were impacted by the supernatural. From your research, have you found an increase in miracles in any particular places?
    11. You say that power evangelism has great potential to bring about breakthroughs for the gospel particularly among resistant peoples. How is this so?
    12. There are reports that Muslims are coming to Christ in large numbers through dreams and visions. To your knowledge, is this true?
    13. Do you believe angels still appear in human form?
    14. The whole realm of the demonic and deliverance was made real through Frank Peretti’s novels. Why is this such a controversial area?
    15. Why does God intervene sovereignly and powerfully in the lives of unbelievers?
    16. Do you think all believers should be involved in some form of power evangelism?


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